You may have heard

…the expression – “Do what you love and you will love what you do".

Leslie (my partner in life) and I have always been fanatics about design. Whether it’s the modern yet timeless architecture of the Sydney Opera House or the classic curves of a 1964 Jaguar E-Type, our passion for jewelry stemmed from this same need to start with amazing form and follow it up with perfect function. This is what we LOVE to do! 

Each of our “Small Batch Jewelry” collections is inspired by the latest trends in the world’s art, culture and fashion. Pairing these inventive designs with essential time tested materials hand curated leathers, metals and stones is how we create jewelry that invites you to express your unique self and yet can be worn every day at the office, clubbing, the beach, anywhere.

Transformative design is our ultimate mission, but when we launched RB we also had the goal to deliver these beautiful pieces at a price tag that didn’t cost more than a half year of car payments. We truly believe art can be magnificent and still be affordable; and so became our motivational mantra – amazing jewelry at an equally amazing price.

We hope you enjoy exploring our collections and feel free to message us on Instagram or Facebook with your ideas. Or even better, send us a pic sporting your new RB piece.